Avalon Soulette Brown –

Author, Mother, Nurse

     Avalon Soulette Brown, a God-sent woman who happens to be an accomplished nurse from Newark, New Jersey, and still lives there. Her inspirational memoir, It Was The Devil All Along, is an Old Gospel chronicle of service as a nurse over three decades. She acknowledges she is deeply human and ambitious. A fan of Dr. Kildare and General Hospital, she admits she admires the nurses with the white caps, white shoes, and the "pretty white uniforms." 
     Brown, born into "a real Christian family," is brought up in the church and sees everything in that spiritual light. She is the daughter of a minister, Bishop Earnest L. Brown. Her education in nursing causes her to confront prejudice, where educators and administrators tried to convince her to become secretary or another career. In the late 1970's there were not many black RNs where she worked, but after working for seven years as a LPN, she returns to school and passes her boards for the RN.
     When her father dies, she mourns but is joyous that he pushed her toward the RN program and returning back to church to get her soul saved. 

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